JApan Image DAtabaSe (JAIDAS)

Center for Northeast Asian Studies, Tohoku University
Center for Atmospheric and Oceanic Studies, Faculty of Science, Tohoku University

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JAIDAS contains daily images of Japan observed by AVHRR/NOAA. The Research Center for Atmospheric and Oceanic Studies and the Center for Northeast Asian Studies are producing JAIDAS, which is open for public. This database can be utilized through the computer networks. For the detail of JAIDAS, please ask the Center for Northeast Asian Studies, Tohoku University.

The JAIDAS/WWW contains the daily GIF-formatted images produced using channels 2 and 4 of AVHRR/NOAA. The areas of them are about a 1000km square centering around the Tohoku district of Japan(Eastern Japan, called JD_E), and around the Seto Inland Sea(Western Japan, called JD_W). The Eastern Japan images are stored since April, 1990, and the Western Japan images since April, 1994. Each pixel of the image is corresponding to an area of 1.1km square on the ground, and oneimage consists of 512x512 pixels. The size of the pixel is one byte. The data of channels 2 and 4 are converted to reflectance and brightness temperature, and geo- coded using the Mercator projection. The channels 2 and 4 images have resolutions of 0.1% and 0.2C, respectively. The relations between the maximum and minimum values and the counts of the images are shown in the table below.

                              Minimum(Count)    Maximum(Count)
Channel 2                              0%(0)       35%(255) 
Channel 4  Dec, Jan, Feb              21C(0)      -30C(255)            
           Mar, Apr, Nov              31C(0)      -20C(255)      	     
      May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct    41C(0)      -10C(255)      	     

 Western Japan(JD_W) Channel 2      Eastern Japan(JD_E) Channel 2 

JAIDAS/WWW can be accessed by selecting year listed below. Images of each year are bined into every month.

JAIDAS format data download

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